Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert Trolls Cortez’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Outfit With Euphemism For Swearing At The President

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert

Republican Lauren Boebert used a vulgar substitute for a swear phrase against President Joe Biden. Trolling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Tax The Rich’ dress at the Met Gala, The Rep from Colorado was seen wearing a dress sporting a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ slogan,  at a meeting with Donald Trump.

The gun-toting Republican wore the dress at a party to celebrate the Republican Party’s recent election wins. The outspoken lawmaker was seen in the outfit Thursday after a meeting with Trump at Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s ‘Winter White House’ at Palm Beach in Florida.

Lauren Boebert later wrote that the words denoted a movement and were not a mere phrase. The slogan with its vulgar backdrop has been used by other Republicans before Lauren Boebert.

Lauren Boebert’s Phrase A Euphemism For ‘F*** You Biden’

The slogan originated at a NASCAR car rally when a reporter mistook the call of ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chanted by a section of the crowd for ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’

The expression has since caught on among Republicans as a euphemism for the more direct phrase.

Lauren Boebert’s outfit caught on and was compared to Cortez’s dress she wore to New York fashion’s glitziest night.

At the high-profile gala, Cortez, the Democrat from New York, wore a floor-length white outfit with the words ‘Tax The Rich’ printed across the back. The tickets to the gala cost around $30,000 and she was slammed by sections of the media branding  her a ‘fraud.’

Cortez has defended attending the gala saying that it was her responsibility as an elected official of New York to oversee and support cultural institutions of the city. She said that she was one of the officials at the event.

The Progressives have declined to comment on Lauren Boebert’s dress. Her tweet appeared a couple of days after Republicans made significant advances, winning back the governorship of Virginia and a vital New Jersey Senate seat.

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