Venom Rumored For No Way Home


Venom is heavily rumored for Spiderman: No Way Home. The character is expected to make a surprise appearance in the film. This would also mean that the symbiote will be debuting in the MCU officially. A recent leak has sent the Marvel fans into a frenzy. The latest Spiderman movie is already much-hyped.

A number of rumors are brewing every day. The biggest question right now is about how many spiderman are there. The internet has gone crazy searching for clues. Most of the fans believe the movie will portray more than one spiderman. Leaked set photos and several other clues do hint at multiple spidermen. However, nothing has been confirmed by Marvel. Another major leak has surfaced just before the release of the movie. 

The leak has been initiated by RPK News. It states the appearance of Venom in the movie. As per the news, the character will not be a part of the actual film. However, the symbiote is likely to be appearing in the end credits of the movie. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Venom In MCU?

No Way Home seems to be the biggest film of the Spiderman franchise. The hype has broken the roof and all sorts of rumors are running wild. The latest of them is associated with Venom. It is highly speculated that Eddie Brock might make a cameo in the film. The leaks state that while going back to their world, Eddie accidentally leaves some symbiotes. This will act as a setup for Tom Holland’s Peter acquiring the Black Suit. 

Tickets are already on sale for the movie. The sites have crashed within the first few hours. Fans around the world cannot wait to feast their eyes on the movie. A Venom appearance would only make things more interesting for everyone.