A Couple Of Stimulus Checks: Lawmakers For Direct And Immediate Stimulus

stimulus check

Several influential lawmakers have said that only multiple stimulus checks can help Americans out of the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. They have appealed for two more rounds of stimulus payments. They feel these additional rounds are necessary as American families struggled to put food on the table and were forced to skimp on the essentials.

A letter from 7 Democratic lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee to President Biden has spoken of both a fourth and fifth round of stimulus checks to supplement the third round that gave up to $1,400 per individual.

More Stimulus Checks Needed To Tide Over The Crisis

It is essential as Americans need it for their food, housing, and other essentials. This committee administers government taxation and budgeting. This group comprises 15% out of the total members of the committee.

The group felt that people should not be tied down worrying about meeting their immediate expenses and be uncertain about meeting future expenses as America continues to be affected by the pandemic.

The letter was sent on May 17. It hasn’t spoken of any amount but has stressed an additional two stimulus checks. They feel that it will keep 12 million Americans out of scarcity.

They wrote that this stimulus support combined with the American Recovery Plan could bring down poverty levels in 2021 to 16 million from the present 44 million.

Tough Getting In Any More Stimulus Checks

Bothe President Biden and his team have been either silent or evasive when questioned about the possibility of a fourth or fifth stimulus check. The President continues to be occupied with the American Jobs Plan, his ambitious plan to overhaul the American infrastructure.

As of now, only the unemployment check of $300 per week and the child tax credit of a maximum of $300 per month per child seem the only direct stimulus available for citizens in 2021.

Too Few Workers As The Economy Opens Up

US business houses are struggling to find workers as the workforce is weary to return after the pandemic. The economy could hit a pause as businesses across the spectrum faced an identical problem. It has been compounded by women forced to stay home to care for their children.

The average pay also rose by 0.7% to $30.17 per hour. It is evident that the reopening has forced businesses to raise wages. There has also been an increase in the average workweek, another healthy sign that workers are getting more work. There is a definite sign of demand outpacing supply, according to economist Daniel Zhao.