Learn about Truck Accidents Based on Statistics

Truck Accidents
Truck Accidents

A number of drivers don’t pay attention to the semi-trailer trucks on the roads and highways since they encounter them constantly. However, those trucks have a major responsibility to provide freight services across the country in the form of deliveries, which ensures that the companies and individual customers are supplied with the goods for their needs as well as wants. If they did not exist, different organizations would not be able to compete as most of the economic activity might slow down a considerable amount, and the workforce would surely lose jobs. This is why we have to always remind ourselves about the important role that the truck drivers play in the country’s economy, but unfortunately, there are many dangers of driving huge vehicles. Read below to find more about truck traffic collision causes.

The most common reason is that drivers face fatigue when driving large vehicles. We don’t think much about the demands of the job like this can be; extremely tiring and exhausting. The drivers rest typically around 10 hours a day before they are expected to start their 14-hour shift again. The statistics from a few years ago state that a truck driver’s job has around 12% of employee fatality rate, meaning two-thirds of the deaths are due to roadside accidents, which are covered in mainstream media. However, there is a lack of public awareness. The government has come up with regulations and some traffic collision law firm to keep the drivers safe, but the accidents caused by fatigue are not reliable since it depends on the driver’s reports.

Another reason that has to be mentioned is the lifestyle of the truck drivers. The long work hours mean that they are away from their own homes for a very long time and might develop unhealthy habits such as snacking on unhealthy food or opting for cheaper fast food during working hours. This increases the calorie intake while their routine is not very active, and this deprives their bodies of getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for keeping healthy. Furthermore, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) statistics explain the rise of obesity in this particular profession, which is 69% because the drivers spend their day always seated behind the wheel. In addition to obesity, there are many other serious health risks involved as well, such as heart problems, physical impairments, and sleep issues.

Moreover, there are some serious and actual injuries involved with such a demanding job. For instance, many drivers hurt themselves during the loading or the unloading process due to improper carrying, slipping, falling, or overexertion, which is a huge safety issue. They ignore the pain in order to meet the delivery deadlines, which leaves them vulnerable and results in serious problems later on down the line.

In conclusion, the dangers of this specific job will always be there. However, the public needs to have a good awareness of the issues along with the government bodies in order to provide better health and safety standards for the drivers as well as reduce the risks.