Leaving The Outdated Learner Beliefs Behind

Examine Your Beliefs As A Learning Professional

Creating a vibrant, modern learning culture is a process, but outdated learner beliefs can be a huge setback. Step one of that process is to step back and examine the status quo. Are there beliefs or practices that keep you stuck in a prior time period or in old ways of doing things? Those could potentially hinder your progress, so take a little time to look at your current processes and honestly assess if you think they could be improved or replaced. No profession or function is immune from stagnation.

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We all need to regularly question our foundational beliefs to see things from a refreshed perspective. Knowing what works and repeating it is fine and good. No one would ask you to needlessly upset the apple cart; however, there’s always room to grow and evolve, and the reality is that new action stems from new thinking. Before we talk about the things you should do to create a modern learning environment,…

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