Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Assaults AOC Verbally

marjorie taylor greene

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States Representatives’ House has requested an inquiry regarding ethics for Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Republican has been accused of verbally assaulting another lawmaker.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Behaves Disgracefully

In the Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene had reportedly accused Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY. D. Rep) of giving her support to groups associated with terrorism. AOC later responded by saying that she previously kicked such people out from bars. Both lawmakers are known for attracting criticism from their opposing parties.

Last month, Marjorie Taylor Greene had challenged AOC to a debate over the upcoming legislation on climate change. Reporters from Washington Post had reported witnessing the confrontation between the two on Wednesday. They say Green had come up to AOC in the chamber of the House. AOC had ignored Greene calling her twice and had walked away.

Greene, the congresswoman representing Georgia, then allegedly called Antifa a small group of activists from the far-left in a raised voice. She also called it a terrorist group due to its involvement in the BLM movement. Greene went on to call AOC a socialist with radical views and that she had no care for the people of America.

Reporters say that AOC had thrown up her arms and had continued walking away. She had often proclaimed of being a democratic socialist. Reportedly she did reply, but the people there did not catch it. Her office refused to repeat it. Before leaving, Marjorie Taylor Greene then called AOC “pathetic”, “coward”, and “a chicken” when he talked with the reporters.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi addressed the issue at a media conference. She is the current Congress’ oldest Democrat. As such she condemned what her colleague had to experience. She said that it was an issue for the Committee overseeing Ethics to look into. AOC, on Thursday, stated that Greene was trying to “intimidate” her.