LeBron James Is Back For The Los Angeles Lakers After He Missed Thirteen Games

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron james has consulted with the medical staves however, he did not wished to disclose th name of the professionals. However, apparently the doctors have given a green flag to LeBron James and assuered that the player will return to his LA Lakers team after recovering from the torn tendon problem.

The players said that the doctor has advised him against surgery. After the 118 to 108 defeat against the Chicago Bulls, Lebron said that he can now rejoin the Lakers camp. Some other doctors have advised him to operate to fix the problem with his foot. However, the veteran star of NBA said that they will go to rehab instead of operation.

LeBron James is back in time, and he will now be able to be a part of the final push for Lakers to enter the playoff rounds in this season’s competition.

Lebron James Is Back To La Lakers Camp

With only a few weeks remaining among the regular season, he defeat against Chicago Bulls has made it a little hard for the team in cannery yellow.

Lebron James in his interview has said that it is important to have patience. The rhythm is important to the player. As he said that he had some drives and the ball went away from him. Some of the shots he made were not as good as they were previously. However, it is negligible as the player has been out of the court for almost a month.

Anthony Davies, another crucial part of the journey for the LA Lakers team have said that the comeback of Lebron James will definitely help the team to boost up their confidence before the postseason. Lakers fans are happy with the news too.