Tens of thousands of Californians escape their homes to open beaches during a heatwave despite Gov. Newsom’s pleas for them to stay home as state reached 40,000 cases

California, the most populous of U.S. states recorded 115 fatalities in the 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday. With over 40,000 confirmed cases in the state and the death toll at 1,597.

Despite that, and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pleas to the citizens to stay home, thousands flocked to the open beaches during a sudden heat-wave on Friday.

Pictures taken at Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, on Friday showed crowds gathering to enjoy a day out in the sun, and officials have since been preparing for larger crowds over the weekend.

Those pictured did not appear to maintain the mandated six feet distance and only a few had masks covering their faces.

The LAPD Chief, Michael Moore urged the people to stay indoors, asking the public to save the officials from admonishing them for something they were well aware of.