NY Prosecutors Trying To Trace Trump’s Involvement In Hush Money

NY Prosecutors

Former president Donald Trump is already facing multiple charges. Including sexual assaults, rape, and the biggest controversies of all time The Capitol Attack. There is a whole team working to find proof against him. Now the NY Prosecutors have come up with a new charge. Trump has been charged with hush money. He has been asked to appear before the grand jury. There is a rumor he has used hush money to cover-ups all the wrongdoings.

NY Prosecutors Might Showcasing Trump As A Insane Person

Trump’s spokesman is already losing his patience. He is uncomfortable that his client’s case might be getting weak. He believes the DA has been on a witch hunt against Trump. Now the NY Prosecutors have stepped up to ruin his life. All the legal teams working against Trump come up with empty hands after the investigation. This made the spokesperson and Trump equally happy.

Trump previously used hush money to shush Stormy Daniels. Just before the 2016 election. He had an affair with Stormy Daniel for ages, and the administration was scared. If Stormy opens up about their affair it might affect the election.

NY Prosecutors are now looking into Trump’s black business. The NY Prosecutors have found themselves in a complicated situation. Whether they should charge Trump with Hush money laundering, or just look into Trump organizations. NY Prosecutors also have come up with a false business trace, which could land Trump in jail for 12 months. The misdemeanor falls under New York City law.

NY Prosecutors also fighting to join all the dots. Trump’s illegal art has been all over the place, making it hard for the prosecutor. They are deciding which category he would be falling into.