Tom Brady Proud Of His Children’s Musical Talent

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

American professional football player, Tom Brady has expressed how his two sons and daughter are musically inclined and talented in an interview with People. Tom Brady was commenting on his collaboration with Hertz, at the Hertz. Let’s Go Show. This daytime fictional show is presented by talk show host, comedian and actress Yvonne Orji.

Speaking of his children 15-years-old Jack, Benjamin and Vivian who are 13 and 10 years-old respectively, Tom Brady said that although he is definitely not inclined musically, his children are, which he loves. He also added that he for sure loves all the various arts, he is just not great in most of them.

Tom stated that all his three children enjoy music as they play the piano and sing a lot. He said that it’s interesting that his son plays the piano near him. He does not like to look into notes and attempts to play out what he has heard. Which is much fun for Brady to see, as a proud father, he has called his son very talented. 

Tom Brady Enjoys Seeing his Children Practicing Music

Tom Brady, continuing on his children’s talent in music, said that he thinks that children bring out unknown parts and traits of the parents. This makes him wonder, what are parents here to teach their children in the end and what the children are here to teach them. He said that his children bring out parts, which he was not previously exposed to, and he enjoys it more seeing his children exposed to such things.  

Tom Brady said that he feels more engaged and connected to the interests of his children. He said it allows him to pay better attention to their interests and grow as a family in a lot of ways.