Van Jones Funded $100Million From Jeff Bezos For Charity

Van Jones
Van Jones

Van Jones was ecstatic with the announcement by Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder returned recently from his trip to space. Bezos announced a $100million rollout for Jones & José Andrés. Andrés is a Chef who has now attained celebrity status. Bezos came up with the reveal at the fag end of a conference recently.

Van Jones & José Andrés Recognised By Bezos For ” Courage & Civility Award”

Jeff Bezos surprised everyone when he announced lucrative rewards for Jones & Andrés. He promised to fund the duo with $100million for them to use. Bezos permitted both of them to execute a charitable program according to their wish. Meanwhile, Bezos has been in the news after he thanked his customers for funding his space outing. Enraged customers demanded refunds. 

Jones is a controversial figure in the states. He is an active worker for CNN. He came into the headlines for his racist comments when Donald Trump won the elections. Jones termed Trump’s victory as a “Whitelash” over the blacks. This statement was criticized heavily all across the country.  Jones had also revealed his inclination towards communism. He also sparked controversy when he termed the NRA as a threat. He even compared the association with KKK(Ku Klux Klan)

Jones was called on stage by Bezos during the ceremony. He expressed his joy by coining the achievement as a dream. Von was the first one to receive the awards. Bezos heaped praises on the commentator. He expected Van Jones to carry out amazing charities. 

Van Jones delivered an impactful speech. Jones emphasized how miracles had been made possible out in space. He believed that a comparatively bigger amount of people can work wonders for society. Jones vowed to execute a program that would benefit the mass. He also stated seeing the amount of money as a ray of hope for the needy.