Lewis Hamilton Points Out To Mercedes What Has Improved After Update

lewis hamilton

British racing driver and star Lewis Hamilton who is at present participating in the
2023 Monaco Grand Prix for Mercedes. Hamilton’s Mercedes W14 had been
upgraded for better handling and performance, to which the Formula One star has
expressed a review, both positives and what has still remained a problem.

The upgraded W14 now has new front suspensions, upgraded floor, and side pods
which were redesigned to prevent the issues faced previously in 2022. The updated
W14 was bound to debut at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix last week, however its
cancellation means that the W14 will be racing in the tracks of Circuit de Monaco
for the very first time.

Lewis Hamilton, who raced the W14 in sixth position in the second session of
practice on the track, praised Mercedes for the much-needed upgrade. He finished
0.498 seconds off the pace of Dutch-Belgian racing driver Max Verstappen. Lewis
spoke out about the W14's upgrades, thanking the workers in the Mercedes' factory, stating that to develop, design and build a car is not an easy task and that it’s the
hard work put into the upgradation, that has brought them to Monaco. He is glad that
putting the W14 on the track has given his team the essential details. To him, the car
definitely felt improved, however, he did feel some lack in performance which he
has informed Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton Ferrari Talks

There have been talks on the internet that Lewis Hamilton might ditch his $40
million contract with Mercedes and signed with Ferrari instead. There might be some
truth in it. Mercedes has been not performing well this season and ignored some of
Lewis’s upgrade demands plus, there might be a monetary shortage, which may
change the narrative of Hamilton’s contract with them.