Lewis Hamilton Took A Shot At Sergio Perez After Their Battle For The Podium

lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton took shots at Sergio Perez while they were battling for the podium position at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Perez followed Lewis closely at the height of the race and managed to finish third. He became the first Mexican to finish at the podium at home. The crowd went ecstatic and celebrated their hero. Max Verstappen took the first position and extended his lead at the top of the driver’s championship.

Lewis Hamilton Spoke About How The Red Bulls Had A Quicker Car

Lewis Hamilton admitted that RB had too much pace compared to Mercedes even though they had locked out the front row of the grid during qualification. He took a shot at Perez when he stated that even the Red Bull’s slow driver was challenging him for his spot.

Hamilton stated that he started the race in the second position and finished it at the same position. He had a great start and had maximized it with what he had.

He added that their pace was unbelievably fast and Lewis could not complain about that. He could do nothing about it as he had Perez on his tail with a quicker car.

Lewis Hamilton may not be complaining but the title race is slowly getting out of reach for the British driver. Verstappen’s victory took him 19 points clear with just four races to go.

And despite Hamilton having a pop at Perez, it didn’t put a dampener on his historic day which he described as “incredible”.