Library Of Congress Suffers Bomb Scare

Library Of Congress
Library Of Congress

Library Of Congress survived a bomb scare on Thursday. The incident took place on Thursday morning. According to reports, the happenings started just a few minutes after 9 pm. A man who was from North Carolina claimed to be carrying a bomb. He drove his truck to the Capitol of Washington. After arriving, he claimed to be carrying explosives. An on-duty officer was informed by him that the truck contained a bomb. The inmates of the library were immediately evacuated. A sense of fear was instilled among everyone. The site was promptly taken over by the police and imposed a lockdown. 

Library Of Congress Miscreant Held By The Police

Library of Congress was under seizure for more than hours on Thursday. A North Carolina inhabitant spread the rumor that he contained bombs in his truck. The Jefferson Building, Office Building of Canon House were all vacated at once. The police did not want to take any chances. This, they evacuated the adjacent Madison building as well. People fled the scene with tension on their faces. 

The man in question was named Floyd Ray Roseberry. Floyd parked his truck just outside the Library. He posted a video claiming his possession of explosives. The man also threatened the US President to leave their office. Roseberry also claimed to be working with a group. He stated that four other explosives were being deployed at the House. However, police found no concrete evidence of any other explosives across the site. 

Library Of Congress heaved a sigh of relief when police arrested Roseberry. After almost five hours, the man from North Carolina finally surrendered. The police conveyed to him messages written on a whiteboard. After a few attempts, they were successful in making the man surrender. Lawmakers were not present on Thursday. The staff of the library was the ones who were harassed by the whole incident.  

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