The Push From Donald Trump That Made A Trumpster A Federal Advisor

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

For a period Donald Trump has built up a focus on his Republican party; those who have surpassed him in the General Election of 2020 specially centralizing Georgia. The democratic struggle to bring out the supporters pitching the fraud allegations of doubtful elections is more aggressive. Whilst it can be known by mail received that one of Trump’s advisers had been placed who made continuous efforts of unsuccessful attempts to forge the State Election results in Georgia.

Using the Freedom of Information Act the mail which was received, shows the bluestocking of Election Assistance Commission that even earlier than 2020 the same advantages were being taken.

Cleta Mitchell’s Immense Role In Helping Out Donald Trump’s “Plans”

The legal adviser Cleta Mitchell who was part of Donald’s phone call in which he asked to find a certain amount of votes for him to Georgia’s Secretary, had been positioned as Trump’s Republican, which shows how the forgery was being promoted as related to the general elections of 2020. Two republicans; Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp are facing immense challenges from the opposition who Donald Trump pledged to oust from power.

There were excessive efforts by Donald Trump to flip the results of the general election of 2020 in which major support was played by Cleta Mitchell who traveled a long way to Georgia to help him with his case of call with General Secretary Raffensperger of January 2021. 

After the House committee investigation, it was clear that Donald Trump had a call with  Mitchell on 6th January 2021 resulting in Mitchell having to leave her Law firm but retaining her position at the Federal Election Advisory Board which helped her with influencing the Policies of Election Assistance Commission. In furtherance, Mitchell had hired his old White House Staff Chief Mark Meadow in an organization of Anti-voter fraud Advocacy Group under the Conservative Partnership Institute.

To make it clear that Mitchell did not gain a position at the election board overnight, firstly she was appointed by the US Commission of Civil Rights where she worked for months to attain this position. Christian Adams, who was appointed as the Commissioner of the Civil Rights, was previously President of Public Interest Legal Foundation, a non-profit that filed lawsuits pushing for the purging of state voter rolls.

The very interesting fact is that Mitchell primarily was on the Board of Directors of the same Organization and she was pitched in by Adam for the Commission of Civil Rights. Adam too has an extended record of pushing baseless voter fraud claims

Last year after the appointment of Mitchell was made public, Cantu had made a comment that Civil Rights Commission was well versed with Adam’s working criteria and Mitchell was an “unknown Variable”.he added, “I am not pleased with the appointment and would have welcomed another choice.”