Kevin McCarthy Rejects Bipartisan Commission Into Capitol Hill Riots

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

The Republicans are all set to sabotage the congressional inquiry in the Capitol hill riots. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke out on the proposed January 6 commission dismissing it as ‘duplicative’ of federal law enforcement efforts and also termed it ‘potentially counterproductive.’

Kevin McCarthy had earlier refrained from boycotting the investigative committee put together by Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. He has instead planned to move ahead with bringing in some Republican members. He is trying to absolve the Republicans of any blame for the riots which were directly instigated by former President Trump. Even Kevin McCarthy was partially responsible for the attack. And now he plans to pin part of the blame on Nancy Pelosi for having failed to protect the US Capitol.

But an investigation is necessary to investigate the true reasons behind the attack. But Kevin McCarthy’s attempts are focused on shifting the culpability away from the disgraced former President who instigated them, and also the rioters themselves. He said that political misdirection has marred the whole process and it was now counterproductive and duplicative.

Kevin McCarthy is instead trying to manage and obscure the political and law and order problem and blamed the Democrats. He wants the efforts to also include a review of the violence in various American cities against racial injustice. That would dilute the intensity of the Capitol Hill inquiry and muddle the whole process.

Kevin McCarthy Foregoes Chance At Bipartisan Commission

Kevin McCarthy has given up a chance at a bipartisan commission when he ended up contradicting the efforts of Rep. John Katko. The subsequent effort by Nancy Pelosi to assign a select committee would put McCarthy in difficulty. While he can endorse Republican members, he will be up against Pelosi, who has veto powers over rabid Republican saboteurs like Rep. Marjorie Greene. McCarthy has given up a golden chance to be seen as a protector of American democracy. He will instead be remembered as a person who tried to shield an attack on one of America’s hallowed institutions.