Life Sentence For Robert Durst: Circumstantial Evidence Enough

robert durst
robert durst

Robert Durst was convicted of 1st-degree murder as prosecutors convinced the court that he had shot Berman back in 2000 at her home. The heir to a real estate is suspected in a string of murders spanning 4 decades. He was condemned to a life sentence without parole for the killing of his confidante and friend.

Robert Durst, 78, was convicted by a Los Angeles jury of 1st-degree murder for the 2000 killing. He had allegedly shot Berman at point-blank range at her home. Berman allegedly knew about the disappearance of Robert Durst’s first wife in 1982.

Berman was shot at close range allegedly to prevent her from revealing information about the disappearance of Kathie McCormack, Robert Durst’s first wife.

Robert Durst Linked To At Least 3 Murders

Robert Durst has been linked to 3 murders in three states. His team filed for a new trial, citing insufficient evidence that could lead to his conviction. But this appeal was dismissed by the judge even before the start of the sentencing.

Judge Mark Windham said that the testimony presented by the defendant was implausible and incrimination.

The sentence passed on Thursday was expected, and the prosecutors refrained from seeking the death penalty. The jury had convicted Robert Durst of lying in wait to commit the murder. This carries a mandatory death sentence.

Relatives and friends of Berman spoke of the death of a close friend who cared much for others.

Robert Durst was born into a life of wealth and luxury and might have gotten away with the murders. But the multimillionaire was thrust into the spotlight after a documentary series highlighted his crimes.

Robert Durst, now 78, appeared frail at the trial. Kathie McCormack’s body was never found, and he killed Berman to hide facts she came to know of her murder. She was prepared to go to the police. She had provided Durst with an alibi that helped him evade charges for so long.

He had also killed a neighbor who saw through his disguise of a woman while hiding in Galveston. Appeals by Kathie’s family to Durst to reveal the location of her body did not elicit any response from the mass murderer.