Lil Baby Wants Osiris To Return His Money

Lil Baby
Lil Baby

Lil Baby has been in the news for quite some time now, with several magazines referring to him and Saweetie as the new HipHop power couple. Coupled with that, a couple of videos of the rapper have gone viral- which has absolutely nothing to do with any of the extravaganza that the rapper displays, but rather a playful banter with YK Osiris. Osiris has been quite famous in recent times, as he pops in and out of mainstream music, trolling Drake, and boasting about his expensive haircut and earrings. 

Lil Baby and Osiris Engage in Banter While Shopping

If the video is to be believed, then YK Osiris seems to be living the fast life, but he still needs to pay Lil Baby the $5K that he owes him. The clip shows the celebrities going for a shopping spree where Baby asks him for the money, to which Osiris laughs. Although the banter is palpable, Baby seems to also be pretty serious about the money that has been owed since April. 

Someone off-camera then informs Lil Baby that it was futile to call YK Osiris for debts but to simply walk up to him and collect it when they see him. Osiris also agrees to this- but carefully skirts around the topic of why Baby hasn’t actually been paid, as he talks about the luxury items that he purchased recently. 

To this, Lil Baby hilariously replies that YK Osiris’ rap career is always quite tumultuous- going both up and down. So, he would not have a problem waiting as to when Osiris gets his next hit. Osiris replies that he might need to get that money cleared out before he could actually pay Baby. 


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