Jon Taffer Makes Apology After Terrible Analogy Regarding Restaurant Workers

jon taffer
jon taffer

Jon Taffer, the host of the show Bar Rescue, made an apology after he made a terrible analogy that he made about workers in restaurants. The comments were made about workers in restaurants who were not going back to their jobs but were instead making collections in the benefits of enhanced unemployment. 

In the conversation on Fox News, Jon Taffer mentioned having a friend who was a part of the military and was involved in training military dogs. He mentioned that military dogs are only fed during the night since dogs are obedient when hungry. Saying this, Jon Taffer linked it to workers by stating that people are not hungry to work because all amenities and meals are being provided to them while they sit at home.

This was severely criticized and Jon Taffer sought refuge on Twitter, backtracking his comments and mentioning over two tweets, that he wanted to apologize for his interview the other day and was ashamed about using the analogy regarding the situation about unemployment. He mentioned that it was unintentional and regretful. Jon also stated that the comment was made with the idea to express a desire of returning lives to normal.

Jon Taffer And The Media Reaction To His Comment

It was not just the analogy that angered the followers. People were angered because Jon Taffer had criticized the restaurant workers for taking financial benefits on enhanced unemployment while his own LLC had accepted from the government a PPP loan amid the pandemic, which totaled above $60,000.

Most people ridiculed Jon Taffer for the analogy and said that it was made just because of saving his face, and he would be affected financially. However, there were supporters who took in and accepted his apology with an open mind and also supported the host for coming out and owning up to his mistake.

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