Lil Nas X Collects A Whooping $21000 Within Hours Of Launching Video

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X seems to be having the time of his life. His latest music release came recently. To everybody’s surprise, it had an overwhelming response. The video set the internet on fire. It threatened to break records. Within hours of the music release, the video managed to raise a hefty amount. It accumulated $21000 in a matter of few hours. 

Lil Nas X Music Release Aims Against Mass Imprisonment, Collects $21000

The recent YouTube upload of Lil Nas X saw a mind-blowing response. As soon as he posted the video, fans from all over the world started clicking on it. Views as many as 6million were recorded only on the first day. The pop star attached a donation space below the video. It was said to be for a nonprofit organization. It was later learned that Nas X was raising for The Bail Project

The video portrays Nas naked in the latest video. He was seen to be dancing in his attempt to break out of prison. He was taken to prison following a controversy surrounding the Satan Shoes(Nike). The title of his recent song was “Industry Baby”. 

Lil Nas stated that he loved music a lot. Music was his weapon. Any protests or fights, he liked to convey them through music. This was no different. He stressed the fact that mass imprisonment was a serious issue. He expressed his grief over the fact that the Blacks were the main victims. He wanted to make sure that bails involving cash were banned. 

Lil Nas X’s video collected a huge amount of money. It collected $21000 on the first day. He believes the amounts would rise even further. Lil Nas promises to donate all the raised funds towards the imprisoned blacks. The money would be utilized for bailing them out.