Lil Nas X’s New Video Displays His Teenage Struggle With His Sexuality

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X, the American music personality, is displaying his vulnerability through his music. The 22-year-old singer released a video of his music this week on Friday. The name of the track is called “Sun Goes Down.” It reveals a part of his personal life, typically, his upbringing. The co-director of the video is Lil Nas X himself. The video is extremely personal to him due to the fact that it reveals the struggles that the rapper went through during his teenage days. The struggle was strongly related to his acceptance of his sexuality.

Lil Nas X Is Comforted By His Future Self

The lyrics of his new song reveals his traumatic past. He has revealed the fact that he did not have true friends when he was a teenager. The “Old Town Road” artist has revealed that he was always bullied for his sexuality. And that there were days when he prayed to not have the thoughts related to him being gay. Lil Nas X sings that it was extremely hard for him because he was fighting on the inside.  

The last clip from the video of “Sun Goes Down” revealed the artist making an entrance to the prom all by himself. However, all he does after having reached the party is cry in the bathroom all alone. Something relieving takes place as he picks himself up and stops crying. He gets a visit from the future Lil Nas X. The future self of the artist comforts him by keeping his hand on his teen self. Following the scene, the artist is ushered to the party. There the teenage Lil Nas hits the dance floor as he smiles. 

As he released the video, the artist stated that it was very personal and special to him. He took to the social media platform, Twitter, to share his feelings about it.