Seth Jones Traded To Chicago Blackhawks: NHL Trades 2021

Seth Jones
Seth Jones

Rumors about the trading of Seth Jones were everywhere and it became real last Friday. The Blackhawks received Seth Jones, a first-round choice from 2021, and also a sixth-round choice for 2022, from Columbus. They had to let go of Adam Boqvist to make all this trade possible. They also let go of their first-round choice of 2021 and the first-round choice of 2022. 

Seth Jones signed an extension for 8 years after being traded to the Blackhawks.

Seth Jones’ Recent Form

Seth Jones’ productive numbers in the NHL kept sliding down till it hit rock bottom. He had a poor record of -5.8 goals above the average. The Blue Jackets had accepted the loss for the year as it was the second season for them during the pandemic. The analysts are considering those statistics to be anomalous and believe that he could reach his potential in the new team. They believe that they have not seen him in his prime and that he can be a top defenseman. He is paid higher than Roman Josi and Alex Pietrangelo, receiving $09.059M and $8.8M annually. Seth Jones receives $9.5M in a year on average.

If Jones had ended on the free agents market, he would be valued at $9.5M when the Chicago-based team got him for $5.4M for the 2022 Season. 

The General Manager, Stan Bowman, believes that Seth Jones is the player they were keenly looking for and that the exchanges made were quite strategic. He believes that they should go for the win as they have Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on the roster. Both these players will be free in 2023 and that Seth could be the idol that everyone will look up to. If such a situation arises then this trade could actually be more valuable than what everyone expected.

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