Chris Cuomo’s Actions Of Helping Brother Andrew Cuomo Condemned By The Poynter Institute

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo, one of the journalists of the popular news channel, CNN, faced harsh criticism. It was done by the “Poynter Institute for Medical Sciences” which is situated in the state of Florida. They condemned him stating that he crossed a “journalistic line.” This was done by offering a piece of advice to Andrew Cuomo, his brother. The incident took place this week on Thursday. The advice was related to the allegations that are currently made against Andrew, the governor of the state of New York belonging to the Democratic party.

Chris Cuomo And CNN Questioned

One of the representatives from Poynter, Tom Jones, placed the argument that Chris Cuomo had been placed under scrutiny after it was revealed that he had a role to play in a few strategy sessions. The other person who was a part of the sessions was his elder brother Andrew Cuomo, the accused. A few of the top aides of the accused had also accompanied the two. Tom Jones gave a statement that directly pointed towards Chris Cuomo.

The Poynter representative claimed that a host belonging to one of the biggest and the most powerful shows of the country was supporting an extremely influential politician to deal with the allegations of sexual misconduct. And this is not something that can be ignored. He added that this was a very inappropriate action on the part of Chris Cuomo.

Jones further went on criticizing the decision of the news channel, CNN, not to take any action against the said reporter. He claimed that CNN had a responsibility towards the women workers of the channel and should not be dormant towards somebody who is making efforts to support someone who is accused of sexual misbehaviour. Jones also mentioned the accusers of Andrew Cuomo.  He asked what must have been their feelings with regard to the concerned news channel.     

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