Lindsey Graham adds weight to Kim Jong-un death rumors

Amidst growing rumors of Kim Jong-un’s demise, Lindsey Graham, in an interview with Fox News, said he would be “shocked” if the rumors weren’t true. 

Graham claimed that North Korea, being a closed society, is practically a cult and said that the people would have protested by now if the rumors weren’t true. Thus North Korea’s silence only strengthens the thought that Kim Jong-un is either dead or in a poor health condition. 

“The long-suffering North Korean people will get some relief if he is dead,” commented South Carolina senator, who is also a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. 

Kim Jong-un was missing on April 15th celebrations which further strengthened the rumors

The dictator missed the 108th birth anniversary celebration of the solitary kingdom’s founding father, Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim II Sung. This is the first time that he was unable to attend the ceremony since he gained power in 2011, after his father, Kim Jong II’s death. Rumors started surfacing after he didn’t attend the celebration on April 15. 

The 36-year-old dictator was reported to have undergone an operation, after which the rumors about his death began to swirl. A Hong Kong broadcast network reported that Kim had died and that they had received the news from a very “solid source”.  

Graham claimed his confidence in the North Korean leader’s death arises from the fact that there has been no severe retribution from North Korea amidst all the controversy.

He further said that President Donald Trump was ready to do business with North Korea. He also suggested that if Kim Jong-un is dead, then the guy replacing him should accept Trump’s offer, and together they can make North Korea a better place to live.