Lindsey Graham Shares Calls For Violence Should Trump Get Prosecuted

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham was in the Fox Newsroom giving calls for violence even as he discussed the ongoing investigation of Former president Trump and the raid on his Florida residence by the FBI. In a clip that has gone viral, the South Carolina Senator warns unambiguously that there will be riots in the streets.

Lindsey Graham was essentially issuing a threat to the Dept. of Justice for their investigation into Donald Trump, whom we know now had hundreds of top secret and highly classified documents, including nuclear weapon documents, in his Mar-a-Lago residence.

These documents were taken home by Trump from the White House when he was forced out of office after refusing to relinquish his presidency and insisting that he had won. He was along with his henchmen actively involved in the riots in the Capitol on January y 6, 2021 immediately after the election and tried to convince senior federal administrative officers and the vice president to change the results to declare him a winner.

Trump was given ample opportunities to cooperate in the investigation and was actively involved in breaking the law. He had enough opportunities to ensure that the raid did not need to even happen, but he refused to comply with the investigation by the Dept. of Justice which forced their hands.

Lindsey Graham’s Threat Was Followed By Trump Supporting His Senator

Trump pushed Lindsey Graham’s warning of violence if he is ever charged. He was on social media immediately after Lindsey Graham’s statement and was supportive of his efforts to not just threaten the country but also rile people up to ultimately foment another riot across the country.

Earlier Trump had also posted incendiary comments about the FBI, he was trying to instigate some infighting and incite a rebellion or a coup within the agency.