Lionel Messi Not Joining Barcelona: La Liga Rules Create Problem


It was announced by Barcelona that Lionel Messi shall not be joining the club anymore due to financial problems which prevented the player to sign a newly formulated contract. 

Lionel Messi, presently 34 years of age, had a verbal agreement with the club for an extension of a 5-year term. However, the player is still a free agent since the 30th of June. 

The rules of fair play regarding the finances of the club have created a problem for Barcelona in registering the new contract with Lionel Messi. Joan Laporta, the President of the Barcelona Football Club is expected to address the issue by calling a press conference. 

According to the statements made by Barcelona, although an agreement was reached between Messi and the club, and both the parties wanted to sign the contract, it could not be finalized because of structural and financial problems, with rules that are related to the Spanish league. Due to this situation, Leo will not be able to continue to be linked to Barcelona. Both the parties deeply regret the situation because both it is against the wishes of both the club and the player. 

Lionel Messi And His Future In Football

The departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona has shaken the football world from its roots. Messi has been a part of Barcelona for the last 17 seasons and has been an integral part of the success of the club. Barcelona has displayed their gratitude and wished the player all the luck. 

Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world and is expected to have many options on the table. PSG is speculated to be the next destination for the player since the club has been in direct contact with Messi as soon as the deal with Barcelona stopped. Manchester City is not making any bids as of now and is silent.