Alexander Skarsgard Steps Into Fatherhood

alexander skarsgard

Fatherhood is a challenging yet exciting journey. Like many other celebrities, Alexander Skarsgard welcomed his first child with Tuva Novotny. The 46 years old is over the moon after holding his baby for the first time. The stud has become a father. He has been very private about his relationship with his partner. Tuva Novotny got pregnant last year in April.

Alexander Skarsgard’s Patience Paid Off

Tuva Novotny has been in a relationship with Alexander Skarsgard for a long time. Both of them kept the relationship very private. Tuva Novotny also shares a 16-year-old daughter with ex-Nicolai Bjerrum Lerbsyggen. Last year in April Tuva Novotny showed her baby bump at Swedish Elle Awards.

Alexander Skarsgard previously shared in 2017 that he wants to be a father one day. His father had eight children. His competitive persona came to the surface and sarcastically said he wants to beat his father.

Alexander Skarsgard’s father had him in the 70s. His father almost had kids in every decade. His father had a kid when he was 61 years old. He joked that it was a madhouse with all those siblings.

When asked Alexander Skarsgard said what he looks for in a partner. He responded with someone who has a great sense of humor. His partner needs to be funny and smart. The funny character trait goes all the way. Looking back at his family he needs someone who can be very prompt at taking action. He belongs to a bohemian household.

Perhaps everyone can assume that Tuva Novotny has all the traits Alexander Skarsgard has been looking for all his life. He is definitely hoping to have more kids in the future.