No End To House Speakership Battle: House Republicans Become Laughingstock

Speakership Battle

The Republicans have turned into the subject of ridicule and mockery after House GOP members ditched Ohio GOP Representative Jim Jordan as their speaker nominee after the Republican representative lost the third vote on Friday. A staunch Trump ally, Jordan is firm on staying on in the Speakership battle.

The Republicans now go back to the drawing table to redraw the way ahead and will reconvene on Monday. It remains unclear who the Republicans will throw up next for the Speakership battle. It is becoming uncertain if any GOP candidates have the backing to secure the necessary votes to win the Speakership battle.

The House of Representatives continues to be leaderless for over 2 weeks. There seems to be little light ahead at the end of this impasse. Congress is now facing an imminent deadline to avert a total government shutdown. The beleaguered White House has appealed for immediate security and other assistance to the beleaguered states of Israel and Ukraine.

Trump Ally Jordan Insists On Continuing His Speakership Battle Despite Third Loss

Jordan continues to insist that he is still in the Speakership battle despite his repeated failure to win support. And his base appears to wilt further with each successive round in the Speakership battle.

While 25 GOP representatives voted against the North Carolina politician in Friday’s vote, the Trump aide had three fewer representatives voting against him in the earlier round. Republican lawmakers huddled in private and tried to salvage their Speakership battle that was drifting out of their control.

After the no-confidence vote went against Jim Jordan, GOP representatives will now have to reconvene for a forum. They will go for a Republican conference vote the same day. The intention is to vote as early as the same day, said interim House Speaker from North Carolina, Patrick McHenry. At a news conference, Jordan said that multiple Speakership battles had been fought. He said the plan was to get a house speaker at the earliest so that they can continue to help American citizens.