Harry Styles’ Latest Album: All You Need To Know

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

It has been some time since the fans of Harry Styles got to enjoy some fresh music by the pop star. The former member of One Direction had released his last album ‘Fine Line’ back in Dec 2019. It had hits like ‘Falling’, ‘Adore You’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar’. Needless to say, fans were eager for some fresh tunes.

Recently, Harry has been confirmed to be one of 2022 Coachella’s headliners. This has fueled speculation that Styles is truly about to drop some new music. Of course, the star of ‘My Policeman’ has also hinted at it here and there.

The HS3 From Harry Styles

Sadly, we are yet to get any dates or specifics about Harry Styles’ HS3. However, back in Sept 2021, The Sun had reported that Harry has a surprise in store for his fans – when HS3 imminently releases. Reportedly, he has been busy making new music for some time.

An insider had said that Harry began work on his latest album when 2020 had just begun. He went through a couple of writing sessions. However, right after that, the pandemic’s grasp strengthened.

This resulted in the plans being iced. The majority of the album also had to be recorded in the United Kingdom. The exact specifics are extremely confidential. However, the list of tracks should be confirmed soon. The insider added that Harry Styles is pretty excited about his latest album.

In July 2021, Harry Styles himself talked about his musical expectations. He had talked about informing his fans about his shows and ‘new music’. More recently, the Coachella set confirmed by Harry Styles has rekindled the rumors of him dropping fresh music around the time of the festival.

Coachella is scheduled to take place in April.