MRTN Stock Got Upgraded To A “Buy” Rating By The Analysts


Marten Transport(MRTN) got its ratings upgraded from “hold” to “buy” by Zacks Research on Saturday. Zacks Research presently has $20 as the target price of the company’s shares. The price objective set by Zacks Research indicates a 12.49% potential upside from the current price of the stock.

Many other research reports have been submitted on MRTN. BidaskClub downgraded its ratings from “hold” to “sell” on the company’s shares on September 19th, Saturday. ValuEngine cut its ratings from “hold” to “sell” on the company’s shares on December 1st, Tuesday. Finally, KeyCorp decreased the price objective of the company’s stocks from $31.00 – $21.00 and issued a rating of “overweight” on the company’s stocks on September 2nd, Wednesday.

Two analysts have issued a rating of “sell” on the company’s stocks, four analysts have issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s shares. The stock presently has “hold” as its average rating and $18.42 as its average price target.

MRTN opened on Friday at $17.78.The firm’s moving average for 50 days is $17.30 and the firm has $17.28 as its moving average for 200 days. The firm has $10.67 as it’s one year low and $20.13 as its one year high. The company has $1.47 billion in market capitalization, a 22.23 ratio between price and earnings, and a 1.07 beta.

MRTN Company Profile

The company acts as the truckload carrier of temperature-sensitive materials for shippers across Canada, Mexico, and the US. The company operates through its four segments: Dedicated, Intermodal, Brokerage, and Truckload. The segment of Truckload transports consumer packaged food and goods which require an insulated or temperature-controlled environment. The company focuses on expedited movements only for customers of high value. Marten’s stock gets traded on the select market of Nasdaq Global. The company has its headquarters in Wisconsin’s Mondovi.