Lori Lightfoot Has Failed To Make It To The Top 2

lori lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot failed this year’s April runoff, she couldn’t make it to the top two. First black woman in history to hold a mayoral position. Back in 2019, she won all 50 wards. She was actually bringing change in Chicago. However, within four years dramatic changes happened in the city. She has previously been in a feud with police and teachers’ unions trying to do something different.

Lori Lightfoot Failed To Keep The Crime In Check

Voters felt it was not necessary to vote for Lori Lightfoot, she doesnt probably worth the position. While trying to make peace with city aldermen and Illinois democrats and their governor, she failed to protect her own city from the violent crime taking place. While she was in charge the violent crime spiked. Transportation did not improve. Rather things started failing, like gaps between services got lengthier, and delays got more delayed. More in Lori Lightfoot’s the economic condition was draining.

Lori Lightfoot finished the vote third in line, with approximately 1% vote among 6 Chicago voters. She is the first one in Chicago history as mayor who has lost the reelection, in 40 years. And she definitely created history with it.

Lori Lightfoot’s loosening grip cost her position. During the pandemic and after that the violence has increased including robbery, carjacking, burglaries, and other. And aforementioned information was researched by the Chicago police department in 2022.

Whereas, Paul Vallas made more changes in people’s minds through his campaigns. Lori Lightfoot promised to make her time worthwhile but she failed to keep it. She said on the night of her victory in 2019 that she will remake Chicago. Sure she did by bringing more violence into the city like before.