Ryan Edwards Overstepped His Boundaries

ryan edwards

He has broken the court’s order. Ryan Edwards has been arrested after his wife Mackenzie Edwards lodged a complaint against him, he has been harassing her and was found in a possession of illegal drugs. He was stalking her and violating the order. And right after that, he has been arrested again. He was in custody, and during that time he used his free time not wisely. He took his social media to slutshame his wife. He called her spineless and other cruel things.

Ryan Edwards’s Abusive Side Exposed

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie got married in 2017, and since then she has been facing domestic violence. But tried to give love a chance, all attempts went in vain. They have two children a four and a three-year-old.

Ryan Edwards has tried almost murdering his wife, grabbing her by the neck to the wall. And didn’t stop there, further, he went onto throw her down the hallway. In the meantime, his aggressive and possessive nature came to the surface. Just because he failed to have her, he slut shamed his wife, saying she was there for the money only. And claimed Mackenzie was someone who would sleep with anyone for the sake of money only, called spineless, and Ryan Edwards claimed she has cheated on him. When he threw her down the hallway he said to her no one could have her if he cannot have her.

At some point in front of the children he threatened her kill, pointing a pocket knife at her back. And when she tried to escape from the murderous moment Ryan Edwards used the power of being a man and took away her car keys smashing his phone.

Ryan Edwards has been battling with addiction, these could be the side effects. Mackenzie has filed for divorce.