Neil Gorsuch Stresses On The Theory Of Textualism

Neil Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch, the Justice of the Supreme Court, in his recent ruling, favored one of the nonpermanent resident aliens. The ruling came in this Thursday.  The Justice had been accompanied by a group of unusual people. They consisted of some liberal as well as conservative justices. The ruling came in this Thursday. The nonpermanent member is looking forward to challenging his deportation. According to his argument, no proper notice has been given to him by the government concerning the proceedings of his removal. 

Neil Gorsuch’s Judgement Of Non-Permanent Resident Alien

The case of the nonpermanent resident as stated by Justice Neil Gorsuch is an extremely technical one. It deals with the procedures of immigration and interpretations of each and every sentence when it comes to the law of immigration. However, the opinion that was given, was a weird combination. This was because the concerned judges raised objections over the matter of “statutory interpretations” and went on to open disagreements that dealt with the act of sticking to the exact lines of the text in interpreting any laws. 

The opinion of Justice Neil Gorsuch, stated in a total of 16 pages, gives an idea of his faithfulness towards his opinion of “textualism.” Textualism is the activity of interpreting the words of a given page. This is judicial philosophy introduced by Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the late icons of conservatism. Scalia is responsible for reshaping how judges view the statutes. It was insisted that a sharp focus was to be made on each and every sentence of the members of the Congress and not on the intention that they carried. Justice Neil Gorsuch gave the decision that a mistake had been committed by the US government as two documents had been sent when they had to send just one.

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