Next In Line For Labor Security Is Julie Su Announces President Biden

Julie Su
Julie Su

President of the United States, Joe Biden has announced that he will be nominating Julie Su as the new labor secretary in management, the news was confirmed by the White House on Tuesday. This decision will mark history as Julie will serve as the foremost Asian American who’s placed in the role of a secretary-level for Cabinet of Biden

Marty Walsh, The First Cabinet In Secretary Getting Replaced By Deputy Labor Julie Su 

Julie Su, who previously served in the position of deputy labor security even since the year 2021 would be taking replacement for Marty Walsh. Walsh has reportedly been offered a job overhead the Nations Hockey League for the Players Association, hence her departure from the administration by the end of next month.

The swift efforts to get Su nominated for replacement of Walsh- who’s reportedly the first-ever Cabinet secretary who ends up leaving the Biden administration has come forth at a pretty crucial moment of time with the failing U.S. economy and rising unemployment rate. If confirmed that Julie Su would be leading forth the agency, she will be serving in the position of an essentially important messenger to the administration’s office in an effort to get the economy stabilized again along with strengthened labor laws whilst the country still continues to grasp over its recession fears. 

Joe Biden referred To Julie Su in a said statement by calling her a well-tested, experienced leader that will continue by building forth a more stringer and resilient economy by adding inclusivity which will provide future American residents with work on fairgrounds of return and equality in the chance of moving ahead. 

The president then added that he looks forward to working along with Julie toward building up an economy that will work for workers and respectfully asked for the Senate to follow up with the nomination as quickly as possible so they can begin to finish off their job for fellow American workers.