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Los Angeles Clippers Plays The 2nd Highest Scoring Game In NBA History At The Debut Of Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Clippers

Russell Westbrook finally arrived in Los Angeles Clippers dressing room. Today was his day, and he has been taking the spotlight in his debut until the eyes in the stadium saw the scoreboard at the end of the game.

The former LA Lakers point guard’s debut game for Los Angeles Lakers turned out to be the 2nd highest scoring game that ended in a close one point (176-175) victory for the Sacramento Kings. He teams have also recorded that the combined three pointers scored by the contesting teams combined were highest in a match in NBA history too. With forty-four three pointers scored in a match this high scoring game sits at the top of the record books.

The game ended with 19 less points than the highest-scored game in NBA history, which ended in 186-184 between Detroit and Denver in 1983.

Los Angeles Clippers In The Debut Match Of Russell Westbrook:

De’Aaron Fox became the most amazing point guard in the game with his twelve assists and forty-two point drops. Malik Monk also enjoyed a personal record of accumulation of forty-five points along with a three pointer to draw the games at the end of the regulation time.

However, Russell Westbrook in his debut game with Los Angeles Clippers showed the fans can rely on him. The point guard gave fourteen assists to his teammates and also delivered a line of seventeen points and seven out of thirteen shootings, five rebounds and seven turnovers. The former MVP looked perfectly in shape and provided Clippers everything they needed in a point guard. Even though it was just the first game, yet, this game was evidence why the Clippers are the best team for Russell rather than the Lakers.