Los Angeles Lakers Got Rolled Over By The Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Lakers

The Suns have steam rolled the LA Lakers as they win their ninth consecutive match in the NBA. They haven’t lost to Lakers since 2021 playoffs, is another record to add in the Suns’ history.

One might think that the Suns vs the LA Lakers game will be a true barn burner with nothing less than 5 players in the opposing team who have been all-stars on multiple occasions. 4 of those 5 players does not wear suits.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who’d been playing the 2nd night of a consecutive and were without their top 4 players, were in significantly better form than the Phoenix Suns, who opened the game with only half of their usual rotation.

The Phoenix team has grabbed sixteen points very quickly, and they stretched that tally to twenty-four points by the end of the first half. This probably helped them a lot as they won the game 103-104 until the final whistle.

Los Angeles Lakers Lost Against Phoenix Suns:

Los Angeles Lakers haven’t won a single game against the Suns since the mock-up posts in 2021 playoffs game.

Damion Lee’s inclusion in the starting squad, according to head coach Williams was because he wanted to space the court, allowing shooting guard Chris more freedom to maneuver. Paul reached his short semi range shot for much of his twenty-eight scores, a season-high.

Lacking Booker, the Phoenix Suns relied on Paul, Ayton, and Bridges for strong performances, and they delivered. They each tallied over 20 points, and they won easily—almost from start to finish. Paul had twenty-eight points and eight assists to lead the Suns. Within only 26 mins, Ayton ended with twenty-one  points and eleven rebounds. Bridges also added 20.