Conspiracy Theories From Trump This Week: As Wild As It Gets!

There have been many instances of President Trump pushing unsubstantiated claims in the past. However, a row of new conspiracy theories by Trump this week has shocked many. Some of the conspiracy theories Trump has publicly claimed include former president Obama. Trump has also said that climate change is a hoax introduced by the Chinese government and that cancer is caused by windmills. 

A conspiracy theory Trump seems to approve of is the bizarre far-right theory of “People who love our country.”

Let’s look at some of the most recent conspiracy theories Trump has publicly claimed this week. 

A 17 years old Kyle Rittengouse from Wisconsin recently shot and murdered two protestors. He is also a trump supporter. On Monday’s White House briefing, Trump defended Rittenhouse by claiming that he was acting in self-defense. There has been no evidence if the same. Rittenhouse openly fired at a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters, which resulted in two fatalities. Another person was wounded in the process. The protest was organized to respond to Jacob Black’s shooting. Jacob Black was hot in the back multiple times in front of his kids when he was unarmed. 

The conspiracy theory Trump pushed was that the protesters attacked Rittenhouse, due to which he had to open fire. 

President Trump Says Joe Biden Is On Enhancement Drugs 

On Monday, President Trump spoke with Laura Ingraham from Fox News. During the interview, Trump spoke of several unsubstantiated reports. One of them was that the GOP convention was disrupted by several thugs in a plane.

Trump claimed that a group of armed thugs took off in a plane to disrupt the Republican National Convention. He did not mention where he got the information from but said that “somebody” saw armed thugs from unknown cities. 

The National convention 2020 has been mostly conducted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked for further details, Trump did not respond. 

Another conspiracy theory Trump claimed this week involves rich people bankrolling protests across the country. He also called these rich people “stupid”. There have been several demonstrations against racism and police brutality in the US since the death of George Floyd. Similar to other conspiracy theories, Trump did not back this one up with any evidence as well. 

Trump further claimed that Portland has been an area of disturbance for several decades now. He said that Oregon has been burning for a long time. Officials from Portland responded and contradicted Trump’s claims. 

This might be one of the most bizarre and controversial conspiracy theory Trump has claimed over the week. He said that Joe Biden, Democratic nominee, and former Veep, seems to be on some drug. He further said that both of them needed to be tested for enhancement drugs. A similar theory was introduced by Trump in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. 

Trump also said that Biden was being controlled by people residing in the shadows. 

Conspiracy Theory Trump Pushed: COVID-19 Is Not Serious

On Sunday, Trump tweeted saying that the CDC has made it seem like the coronavirus is deadlier than it actually is. The tweet said that the majority of people who died of COVID-19 infection suffered from other severe diseases. This claim comes even after several health experts explained that even if a person has a severe medical condition, COVID-19 infection will still be regarded as the cause of death. Trump claimed that the federal medical agency has manipulated the data to increase the number of COVID-19 fatalities. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci came out and refuted Trump’s unsubstantiated claims. 

Trump Claimed He Won The Popular Vote In 2016

Despite the clear fact available to the American public and media, President Trump keeps insisting that he had won the popular vote in 2016. The fact is that he was 3 million votes short, which gave Hilary Clinton the popular vote. Trump further said that there was a huge number of voter fraud in New York, California, and some other states. This claim, similar to other conspiracy theories by Trump, does not have any backing. 

Conspiracy Theory Trump Repeated: Coming Presidential Campaign Is Going To Be Rigged 

This is a concern that Trump has brought forward again and again. The president believes that mail-in voting will result in presidential election rigging. This claim to undermine the US mail system comes as a surprise as Trump and the First Lady have both requested to cast their votes via mail. 

The National Pulse is a far-right website. On Wednesday, they published an article saying that Trump will be re-elected because the mail-in voting will not reach the Center on time. Trump retweeted this article. 

The article took inspiration from an interview by Axios On HBO. As per the interview, a majority of Democrats will be voting via mail, which will make it seem like Trump has won, at least in the beginning. They said that this will be because the mail-in votes will take time to arrive from different states. 

Trump Asked His Supporters To Vote Twice

In view of the conspiracy theory Trump claimed about voter fraud, this next news seems even more bizarre. While he expressed concern over voter fraud, President Trump asked his supporters to vote twice. While giving a speech in his presidential rally on Thursday, he urged people to vote via mail, and then, cast their vote in person again. 

President Trump explained this logic by saying that the counters will have to do their job and count whichever vote comes in first. 

A day before, on Wednesday, Trump first suggested the same during his North Carolina presidential rally.