Louis Vuitton’s Fall Collection To Be Enhanced By The BTS

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

The men’s collection of the French fashion luxury house, Louis Vuitton, comes with an unprecedented twist. The person behind it is the popular artistic designer, Virgil Abloh. The creativity is with regard to the fall collection of the fashion house for the year 2021. As per reports, the star behind the advertisement of the collection is the largest and most popular boy band in the world, BTS. 

Louis Vuitton, Seoul, And The BTS

It has been reported that the luxury brand based in France, will launch the fall collection on the 7th of June. It includes a total of 34 fresh looks. And about seven looks will be a part of the original range that debuted in the month of January. The South Korean boy band BTS in the Louis Vuitton collection will be released on the website of the luxury brand. Their appearance will be the centerpiece of the reveal.

BTS officialized its contract with the brand in the month of August 2020. According to the contract, they are the official Louis Vuitton brand ambassadors. They have promised the fans that they will come up with a number of “exciting projects” in the future.

Each member of the Grammy-nominated group will be seen in one particular look in the film. The artist behind the film is Jeon Go-Woon, a Korean film director. The luxury brand gave an insight into the idea that the BTS film will be carrying. It was stated that the film will reveal a merge of global connectivity, space, and movement. And all these things will be completely relevant and important to the current times.

It will also view Seoul, the capital of South Korea, through the eyes of diversity. Virgil Abloh, the artistic designer behind the said Louis Vuitton collection stated that Seoul has an energy of its own. He also claimed that nobody embodies the quintessential vibe of Seoul like the BTS does. They bring their personal energy to the fall collection that will further enhance the specialty of everything.