Love Island Star Tyler Cruickshank Shows Off His Sexy Physique

Love Island
Love Island

Love Island fans were allowed to treat their eyes. Tyler Cruickshank is a competitor on the Island. He appeared recently showing off his worked-out physique. Tyler looked stunning in his perfectly toned body. He wore a white boxer short that elevated his manly appeal up by several notches. However, there was one particular aspect that drew the attention of the fans. Tyler flaunted his huge manly bulge along with his rippling torso. This made the followers of the show drooling over Tyler. All the fans of the Island expressed their amusement and praised Tyler for his manhood. They stated that the competitor had a dominant manly feature. 

Love Island Fans Go Gaga Over Tyler

It was a shocking surprise for all the followers of Love Island. A visual treat was served on a platter by a contestant named Tyler. He is 26 years of age and boasts of a tremendous body. Tyler was spotted taking a shower outside the garden area. The star contestant had nothing on his body except his white boxer shorts. 

The huge manly bulge of Tyler was quite visible from his wet boxers. A little bit of fun moment was also seen when Toby Aromolaran kept disturbing Tyler. Aromolaran called out Tyler’s name and then kept on hiding.

However, all these actions did not make the fans overlook the manliness of Tyler. Twitter was taken by storm after the incident. Most of the fans stated and praised the huge visible bulge. Many claimed that the manly feature was a cause of distraction. Some fans even went on and termed him sexy.

Love Island has seen some of the best twists recently. Tyler made amends and went back to Kaz. They decided to develop their relationship further. The couple suffered an occasional hiccup as things went rough for quite some time.