Kelly Tshibaka’s Unscientific Posts Unearthed

Kelly Tshibaka
Kelly Tshibaka

Kelly Tshibaka, one of the candidates of the Senate who belong to the Republican party, was once a supporter of a Christian organization that was “ex-gay.” The organization was a promoter of the conservation therapies that were discredited. It was said by them that homosexuality in people was the result of sexual molestation that was met in childhood days. The Republican candidate is looking forward to posing a challenge to Lisa Murkowski, the Senator from Alaska, in the elections of 2022.

Kelly Tshibaka On Homosexuality And Twilight

One of the popular news channels unearthed an article from the student newspaper of the Harvard Law School. It was from the year 2001. In this article, Kelly Tshibaka has written about the subject of homosexuality where she has stated some arguments that appear to be extremely unscientific in nature. 

The Republican politician wrote that homosexuals can change themselves into non-homosexuals. And this could be achieved by joining Christianity. She also went on to urge the people of the said community to not be influenced by the rhetoric that says gays will always stay the same. Kelly Tshibaka stated that this rhetoric was something that was used by the political parties as a part of their agendas.

There were some other blog posts written by the Republican that was found. It was about the book series, Twilight, and also about the sequel of the same. Kelly Tshibaka wrote that the content of the book is “evil” so it should neither be read nor watched. She also stated the reason behind it. It was because consuming this kind of content would leave the audience being spiritually vulnerable. The Republican further added that it would leave the audience to be open to the attacks of the enemies.

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