MA Has A New Price Target Of $412


The price target of MA has been increased by the research analysts working at Morgan Stanley from a sum of $377 to a sum of $412 in a Monday research report. The rating set by the brokerage firm on the company is overweight. The price objective set by the brokerage indicates an annual growth rate of about 15.56% from the previous close of the company. 

The Stock Commentary Of MA

The stocks of MA have had several research equities commenting on it. Robert W. Baird has already reaffirmed a rating of buy on the shares of the company in a 28th February research report. The price objective of the company has been increased by Raymond James from $345 to $371 along with a rating of outperform in a 29th January research report.

The Bank of America has increased the rating of the company from buy to neutral, along with a price objective of $400, in a 6th January research report. Zacks Investment Research has also increased the price rating of the company from sell to hold, along with a price target of $358, in a 16th February research report. Truist Securities has also gone ahead to increase the price target from $415 to $450, with a rating of buy in a 9th March research report. 

Four investment analysts have given the stocks a rating of hold, with twenty-seven of them providing it with a rating of buy. MA has a buy rating with a $364.53 price target. 

The stocks of MA traded on Monday at $356.51, with a market cap of $354.14 billion, and a 53.45 PE ratio, and a 2.56 PEG ratio, along with a 1.19 beta. The simple moving average price of the company over 50 days is $350.23, and the moving average price of the company for 200 days is $338.34.