January 6 Commission Bill To Be Sent To The Senate Next

January 6 Commission
January 6 Commission

The voting for the January 6 Commission took place on the floor of the House this Wednesday. It is one of the independent commissions created to investigate the violence that broke out on the 6th of January in the Capitol building. The voting was in order to work to confirm the approval of the legislation. Both the Democrats as well as the Republicans came forth to support the bill. A total of 35 members from the Republican party chose the bill over their party allegiance. 

January 6 Commission: What Will Happen Next?

The final number of votes with regard to the January 6 Commission was 252-175. The defection of the members of the GOP displayed a break from the leadership of the Republican party. The same was also from the argument place by Donald Trump, the former President of the country, according to whom, the members were supposed to vote against the concerned legislation. With that, the bill will now be put before the disposal of the members of the US Senate.

Nothing can be said about its fate as there is a surge in the resistance of the GOP as of now. The voting that took place on Wednesday against the support of some who swear their allegiance to Donald Trump, managed to secure the support of a number of ordinary Republicans. It is to be noted that the former left no stone unturned to oppose the January 6 Commission bill. They made the argument that the violence that broke out which ended up killing a total of 5 people, was not that important to go after. 

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the Senate stated that he does not support the bill, however, he also claimed that he would not report if he will have any role in whipping his party members against the January 6 Commission bill.