Paul McCartney States That John Lennon Was Responsible For Beatles Breakup

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney expresses his sadness over the breakup of The Beatles and said that they were still making good music.

Paul McCartney revisited the breakup of their group and denied the suggestion that he was responsible for the demise of The Beatles. He spoke about this on an episode of “This Cultural Life” and stated that it was John Lennon who wanted to disband The Beatles. He did not instigate the split but it was “Johnny”.

Paul McCartney Talks About The Things That Went On To Split The Group

Fans of The Beatles have debated on topics as to who was responsible for the breakup and most of them blamed Paul McCartney. McCartney stated that Lennon was the main driver behind the breakup as he wanted to “break loose”.

The breakup was more confusing because of the manager who told the members to keep hush as he had to conduct several business deals.

This interview came before Peter Jackson’s “The Beatles: Get Back”. This was a 6-hour long documentary that spoke about the final months of the band. This is set to be released in November on Disney+. 

Paul McCartney clearly stated that he was not the one who instigated the split. It was John Lennon, who walked into the room one day and said that he was leaving the group. Paul McCartney considered that as instigating the split of The Beatles.

McCartney expressed sadness over the breakup, saying the group was still making “pretty good stuff.” He considered the band as his own as this was his job and also his life. He wanted to continue to make music for The Beatles.