New England Patriots Lose At Indianapolis


After the Patriots astoundingly lost at Indy, Bill Belichick could only rely on his short, sharp answers to explain what went down- for he couldn’t rely on his players on that day. Too many miscues for a team that seldom had their plays wrong led to the end of their seven-game winning streak, as well as their hold at the top of the AFC with their 27-17 loss to the Colts.

Belichick stated that the team didn’t play well- hence they didn’t deserve the win. There were miscued penalties, interceptions galore, and the team was shunted behind from the beginning of the game. To put it fair and square- nothing went right for the team, and the result displayed the chaos that they experienced.

The Patriots Lose To The Colts

But what seems to be even more problematic is that the Patriots rely too heavily on consistency and precision to win their games- something that has been the norm over the years. But today, they couldn’t pull that off as much as they thought they could. Their very first possession of the game got derailed by a couple of penalties which then forced them into a third and long and a punt. The next series concluded with a couple of team breakdowns which led to another blocked punt, which E.J. Speed, the linebacker for the Colts, ended up recovering. 

Just when it seemed like the Patriots had finally gotten into their groove late into the half, Darius Leonard picked off Mac Jones- the rookie quarterback, inside the 5-yard line for the Colts- which was the first red-zone interception for Jones in his entire career. The impact was clear- after 99 games, the team from New England couldn’t score in the first half. 

The ace for the Patriots, Matthew Slater, was inconsolable. He stated that there was no excuse for their game, as they gave out penalties that should never have been given in the first place.