Magnum PI Is Up For The Fourth Season

Magnum PI
Magnum PI

Magnum PI, the series that airs on the streaming platform, CBS, is marching towards its end. It falls under the banner of action-adventure and is a reboot of one of the 80’s shows with the same name. As of now, fans are enjoying the final episodes of the third season of the show. 

The finale of this season is one of the most anticipated ones as the relationship of  Julie Higgins, who is played by the British actress, Perdita Weeks, and Ethan Shah, the boyfriend of Higgins who is played by the actor, Jay Ali, is going through a rough patch. The reason for this is due to the revelation of the stories of the past of Higgins. Currently, Ethan is pissed at her for taking such a long time to tell him the truth. There is no doubt that he still loves him, however,  the issue of trust has now taken the toll over the relationship in Magnum PI.

Magnum PI, What Happens Next?

What Ethan does next in Magnum PI is that he takes the decision of taking a break from whatever is going on with his girlfriend and to embark on a journey to “Doctors Without Borders. In the final episode of the season, he changes his decision. He offers Higgins to come with him on the journey he chose to take. As per reports, Magnum, who is played by Jay Hernandez, partners with P.I, who is her partner in fighting crime. 

There is no doubt that the final episode of the third season of the CBS series, Magnum PI is going to be a hit. There are so many anticipated questions to be answered. That includes if Magnum will take the decision of confessing his feelings to Higgins, or if Higgins agrees to take the journey with Ethan. Regardless of all, the good news is that the show has not been canceled. There will be a fourth season.