Austin Butler Credits Vanessa Hudgens For Inspiration For Elvis

Austin Butler
Austin Butler

Austin Butler is utterly indebted to Vanessa Hudgens his former girlfriend. The actor who was cast for Elvis Presley finally expressed his gratitude to his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was in an extensive relationship for 9 years, from 2011 to 2020. The actor thanked Hudgens for the support he received in landing the role that recently earned him nominations for Oscar in the category Best Actor for a Leading Role.

Austin Butler Indebited To Former Girlfriend Hudgens 

Actor Austin Butler refers to the individual who motivated him to pursue the role as his “partner of that time” in an interview with The Times of Los Angeles published on January 24. Austin said that he was indeed talking about Vanessa when asked. That’s correct, he said. He continued by saying that she had clairvoyant types of moments after we had been together for so long, and he really, truly owe to her belief in him

The idea came to Vanessa a month before Austin Butler discovered Baz Luhrmann was creating an Elvis biopic, according to him, who initially referred to her as an anonymous “friend” who believed he was ideal for the part. Austin made this claim in an interview on January 10 with Hollywood Reporter.

He recalled, he was going to take a look for Christmas lights with a friend. He  was singing along to a Christmas song by Elvis that was playing at the time on the radio when my friend turned to me and said, “You’ve got to take a shot at playing Elvis.” He replied by saying that it would be a really long shot.

After hearing Austin play on the piano, his “friend,” as Austin Butler referred to her expanded on the concept, informing him a few weeks later to look out for a method to get the rights to achieving a script. Austin claimed that soon after, his agent informed him that a movie starring Elvis Presley was in progress.