Man City Waiting To Win Over The Champions League This Year

Manchester City
Man City

Man City in Europe is now waiting to win the Champions League this time. While all eyes across the globe are set to witness the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, people are rarely eager about soccer clubs winning trophies for their home club.

The whole world is ready for the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is scheduled to begin on the upcoming Sunday. The rest of the European soccer competition will go inoperative for the time being at least till the end of December. 

 Most of the best soccer players across the globe will take a break from their respective home clubs while they will be playing for their country. The others will get a break from the competitive soccer world. 

Man City Has Been One Of The Most Favorites For The Past Five Tournaments

It has almost been the same repetitive story for Man City for about the last five years. Man City has been in the top list of the favorite teams but still they could not manage to win a trophy. They have maintained their record of playing irresistibly well till the knockout rounds but somehow failed to win the final game. However it has been lately quite very evident that the team of Man City is quite well built and nurtured and coached.

Recently the last summer has been quite depressing and disappointing for the Barcelona team. Their journey to the Champions League was equally devastating leaving the Barca fans disappointed and dissatisfied. In the LaLiga they have been able to prove their strength with the best attack and best defence. Real Madrid have been overtaken by Barcelona in the LaLiga. Now the only question comes regarding the fact that whether it’ll be possible for Barcelona to maintain their position and win the first trophy since 2019.