Jackass Forever Has Reinvented Itself

Jackass Forever
Jackass Forever

The fame that Jackass has cultivated over the last couple of decades is the very reason why people have been frequenting the theatres for Jackass Forever. Almost every single painful stunt that Johnny Knoxville pulled off over the last 20 years has been brought to the big screen with the faithful laugh track- the rest of the ensemble gather to watch, and double over with laughter as someone almost always subjects themselves to some form of injury.

After all, how can one forget the sight of Knoxville shooting himself out of a fragile cannon, armed simply with a bunch of feathered wings that are apparently going to keep him aloft? While the vision in itself is quite hilarious, the beauty increases- courtesy of the hooting and hollering coming from Knoxville’s friends on the ground. 

Jackass Forever Finds Inspiration To Be Funny- 20 Years After Conception

The Jackass franchise, which recently gave birth to Jackass Forever, aired on MTV for three distinct seasons- starting all the way back in 2000. The franchise then turned it into a movie- in 2002, where it was quite hard to imagine how a show that was mostly dedicated to skateboarding fools who would also injure themselves by torturing their genitals would fare as a movie.

Incidentally, Jackass: The Movie did turn out to be quite a masterpiece, where the people behind the camera decided to increase the ridiculousness of the pranks and escape the strictures of basic cable. 

But the best thing about the precursor to Jackass Forever is that it took peanut gallery and made it a whole lot bigger. Overnight, it turned from a cable show which one could watch with a couple of friends on a Sunday night to a movie hall that was packed by fans of the same- who came together for their love of the show.

Incidentally, Jackass Forever has definitely got on with the times- while maintaining its high standards of comedy. The biggest change does involve the cast itself. The crew now has a bunch of younger, newer comedians who are quite a lot more resilient than Knoxville and his partners. Also, the cast isn’t just a bunch of white guys anymore- it includes Eric Manaka, Rachel Wolfson, and Jasper Dolphin.