Man United vs West Ham Game Saw Rashford Shine

Man United vs West Ham

Rashford was once again on the bench for Man United vs West Ham. He remained there for 62 minutes as United delivered an energetically blank, feverishly hazy, loudly brutal performance.

Rashford was the most active in the Manchester United vs. West Ham match.

Man United vs West Ham: Rashford Led United To Victory

In real-time, his goal in the Man United vs West Ham game appeared to be offside. With the advantage of split-frame, thin margins, and the typical forensic analysis, it may have been offside. But the purpose remained, and entire hurriedly scribbled tales swing on such razor-thin margins.

There’s little question that the music will vary around Rashford. He scored after coming on as a substitute against Brentford in midweek. Certainly, the general reaction to Rashford’s dismal form in recent months has been exceptional.

Paul Ince is dissatisfied, according to him. Steve McClaren believes he has a personality disorder. Dion Dublin describes himself as “disappointed.” We’ve heard Alan Shearer has been dropping clues and suggestions, making phone calls, and sending text messages. We’ve heard that Rashford trains too hard, goes to the gym too much, and is too preoccupied with being brilliant at football.

Rashford‘s performance in the Man United vs West Ham game just proves the point that he has always been streaky, even when he’s been on a roll. Last season, he enjoyed the greatest scoring streak of his career, but he only scored three goals in 18 games. For a time, he was hampered by an injury. He’s a solid player with terrific movement and some fantastic talents, but he’s not yet a killer.

On the other hand, perhaps the true difficulty for Rashford is that he plays for Manchester United or at least the version of Manchester United that has existed for the previous four years.

The victory moved them up to the fourth place, but it was a poor showing. For long stretches, United appeared to have no substance, no center, and nothing in midfield to equal Declan Rice, who was by far the finest player on the pitch.