Kamila Valieva Fails To Shine In The Olympics

Kamila Valieva
Kamila Valieva

Kamila Valieva is one of the most promising athletes of recent times. She is one of the best skaters that Russia has produced ever. Valieva has been hyped significantly by Russia. To justify the performance, she did perform splendidly.

Her breathtaking performance in the initial rounds of the Olympics left everyone awestruck. However, the skater did not have the best of the days at the Olympics stage. She failed on multiple occasions in her most recent performance to bow out of the tournament.

Her dismal display made her end in fourth place. Valieva was seen distraught after her performance. While performing on the ice, the athlete slipped and fell on numerous occasions.

This was very much uncharacteristic of Kamila. Audiences have speculated that such a performance might have to do with the recent controversy. Kamila Valieva has recently been under the firing of the Olympic Committee.

She failed to clear a dope test just before the start of the games. As many as three banned substances were found in the athlete’s system. They were said to have been used for improving the functioning of the heart.

However, WADA concluded that the drugs entered the athlete’s body by mistake. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Kamila Valieva Rebuked By Coach 

Kamila Valieva is not having the best time of her life. After being struck by the doping controversy, she has now failed to perform as expected.

Everybody expected the skater to make the podium. Unfortunately, Valieva could not concentrate and slipped several times.

This daunted the chances of the athlete to finish in the top 3. After the performance, the athlete was seen to be rebuked by her coach. 

Kamila Valieva’s coach did not seem to be happy with her. She kept on telling her she should not have given up the fight. T

he coach was spotted with arms around Kamila’s shoulder. She stated in Russian that giving up the fight was never an option. Valieva’s teammates finished first and second respectively with Japan bagging the bronze.